You Should Use Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Maybe many of you don’t like to wear full face helmets when you go out by motobike. There are so many kinds of helmets that attract you at the first time by their design. However, have you ever thought that more than their striking features, full face motorcycle helmets are used for a purpose. They are manufactured and made in order to protect your head from serious injuries that may arise from a motorcycle accident.


A full face helmet is designed to cover the whole head. Its rear extension covers the base of the skull while the front portion aims to protect the chin. Each full face helmet is equipped with a plastic face shield (which can be clear or tinted) that rests over the cutout eyes and nose section to as protection from glare and the effects of wind at high speeds. This face shield is usually retractable to allow access to the face if pushed up.


Most provide airflow vents to provide necessary ventilation to the helmets interiors, which can get hot.

Paddings inside the helmets are also used not just for comfort but also to block outside noise. But not all seem to like using this type of helmet.


There are a lot of critics complaining of heat, poor airflow, claustrophobic sensation and reduced hearing when wearing such helmets. Despite all these sensory drawbacks, it boasts a high rate of head protection; hence it is more popular than a 3/4 or open face helmet. Safety conscious riders prefer it to half helmets.


Choosing a helmet that perfectly suits your head and your riding experience is as important as being safety conscious. A properly fitted helmet would assure you of total protection and safety.

A badly fitted one would surely compromise the safety features of your helmet and may not be able to protect you more effectively. Here are some tips that will help you find that would be perfect for you.


Try for at least five minutes so that you may be able to detect bothersome areas. See yourself the mirror with the helmet on to check for symmetry. This will ensure that the helmet rests just above your brows and to see if any red marks remain after you take off the helmet.


Observe safety standards when you look for your helmets. Be aware how they are being certified for safety and protection. This will help save you the trouble in the long run. If a cheap one you come upon has not been Snell certified, or is not a DOT approved, your insurance company may refuse to provide accident coverage.


After you bought it, avoid storing it in a high or unsteady place where it could come crashing to the ground. Refrain from placing your helmets in the motorcycle saddle or the side mirrors. This can damage the interior padding which can compromise your helmet’s protective features. Don’t risk scratching or busting an expensive motorcycle helmet, which can be costly on your part.


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