Why do people wear helmets?

Question by FlutterDash: Why do people wear helmets?
I think its just so stupid no Im just talking about Bicycle helmets the kind you ride on the side walks I mean seriously grow up and stop wearing it your not driving a motorized bike so stop wearing it I have wrecked my bike plenty of times and never wore one just fine
Dr. stephen Colbert your right because seriously look at the bike helmets theyre Styrofoam one hit with a car its all over
Im only talking about Bike Helmets not football or motorcycles etc if i confused you lol
ohh and I never do wear seat-belts dont like them I hate em

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Answer by Dr. stephen Colbert
I think it has more to do with how awesome they make you look, than it does safety

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8 thoughts on “Why do people wear helmets?”

  1. Dr. stephen Colbert is partially right, but then consider this: alot of people have died from bike accidents because of head injuries. What if your the next one? 0.o

  2. I don’t know about your brain, but mine works well. The downside is that it’s squishy and it doesn’t react well to impacts. If I ever fall or get knocked off my bike, and if I can get an inch of styrofoam between my beloved brain and the road, maybe – just maybe – I’ll walk away instead of ending up a vegetable.

    When a helmet is perfectly comfortable, looks good AND it might reduce the damage from a head injury, I’d be crazy not to wear one.

    Now if you’re sure that the only accident you’ll ever get into is a high speed impact with a motor vehicle, then by all means don’t bother wearing a helmet. But for most dead cyclists – the vast majority in fact – high speed impacts aren’t what kills them. Most dead cyclists get that way from head injuries caused by relatively low-speed impacts with the road surface.

    Oh, and only a fool or a young child rides on the sidewalk. Statistically, sidewalk riding will get you killed. Ride on the road, where people can see you.

  3. opti

    To be mor correct, the majority are made of plastic or composites and foam.

    Do you consider football helmets a waste because they are plastic and foam? How about hockey helmets, the same… Do you ever get in your car without buckling up? Seriously, when I ride I am moving at 16 or more mph, with a force that will far exceed that of a football or hockey player. Stats have shown a direct correlation to helmet use and loss of life AND head trauma for juveniles…WHile head trauma and deaths INCREASED for adults. This because juvenile helmet use is mandatory in most states, while not for adults!

    Lastly, a helmet has saved my life. In any event… stop buckling up. You have two tons of steel or more surrounding you. Your logic dictates you don’t need it there either!


  4. As a bicycle retailer many people ask this question. If you do some googling you’ll find plenty of reasons why
    The helmet is more about you crashing not a car hitting you. It saves your brain from jarring as much.
    it helps keep road rash from your head.

  5. You are correct that the helmets are made of styrofoam. In the event your head goes to the concrete curb the styrofoam will crush absorbing the energy instead of your skull absorbing the energy. Then you need to get a new helmet instead of needing a new head.

  6. Basically – you’re a troll looking for someone – anyone to agree with you. There is just soooo much wrong with your ranting & raving it’s unbelievable. 1st, I don’t ride on the sidewalks. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. Streets are for vehicles. And in ALL 50 states a bicycle – by LAW – is described as a “vehicle”. Most states have helmet laws for motorcycles – just as most states have laws for bicycles, because we are both “vehicles”. In fact – in many states, riding on the sidewalk is illegal – anywhere. Look up California bicycle laws.

    2nd…you claim to have “wrecked” your bike plenty of times & you are just fine. I disagree. I think somewhere along the line you have suffered at least a mild concussion. That’s my polite way of saying I believe you are suffering from “cranial rectal inversion”. See first link below.

    Statistic after statistic after statistic proves that wearing a helmet will increase a person’s chances of surviving a serious wreck by up to 90%. See second link below.

    3rd…think most “accidents” or wrecks involve another vehicle or a motorist? Wrong again my pea brained little friend. See the pie chart on the third link down. 45% of all accidents are solo falls. Something I believe you to be highly familiar with.

    4th…where I live, adults are not required to wear a helmet by law. I do so voluntarily because I have been a victim of the dreaded “right hook” too many times. Fourth link down. I wear a good, well ventilated helmet in the summer to stay cool. In cooler months I add a skull cap and/or balaclava underneath. Can you even pronounce balaclava? Do you know what it is?

    5th…I could go on & on. But I doubt it would sink into your head. Just come back & let us know how the hospital visit was for you after brain surgery…if you live or do not go on to live in a vegetative state. Have any cute nurses?

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