What movie am I thinking of???

Question by jennleed: What movie am I thinking of???
I’m remembering something along the lines of twighlight zone or outer limits…but the synopsis I can remember is a bunch of people sitting in a cave with a “wise man” and they each tell a tale of woe (I think) one story in particular featured a woman who wanted her dead husband back, but based on her wording of the request, he came back in various states, once “just before his accident” but he was still dead due to a heart attack, then she asked to have him back and his body came back to life, but it was filled with fermaldohyde (spelling sorry) and I think she ended up killing him.

ANYWAY…does anyone know what this is It may be a TV episode, but I remember it being quite lengthy…it’s been bugging me forEVER!

THANKS for any insight. ­čÖé
Thank you, after reading through the answers, the one I was thinking of is the Tales from the Crypt 1970’s movie. thanks a bunch…

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Answer by geohoop
“Amazing Stories”

a TV series on NBC in 1980’s

Spielberg produced it…….

Great stories…!!! I used to watch it!

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    There are five stories in this horror anthology from Amicus Films. Following is some information and a synopsis of the segment you remember:

    Wish You Were Here” (The Haunt of Fear #22, November-December 1953), is a variation on W. W. Jacobs’ famed short story “The Monkey’s Paw.” Businessman Ralph Jason (Richard Greene) is close to financial ruin. His wife Enid (Barbara Murray) discovers a Chinese figurine and wishes for a fortune. Ralph is killed on the way to collect it. She uses her second wish to bring him back to the way he was just before the accident but learns that his death was due to a heart attack (caused by a skeletal ghoul, who follows Ralph on a motorcycle and ultimately scares him to death, as a result of the figurine). When she once again wishes for him to be brought back to life, she finds she has trapped him in eternal pain because his body had been embalmed.
    This is the fourth segment in the anthology movie, and it gets really, really horrendous!

    The other segments are eerie and scary, too. The first one, starring Joan Collins, is practically legendary; the story it’s based on inspired all of those evil Santa films. The fifth one is horrific~leaving much to your imagination, which likely will run wild.

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