what are four visual search areas for drivers?

Question by alexis m: what are four visual search areas for drivers?

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Answer by Dave J
Front, sides, rear, and your dash instruments.
Also, you must always use your mirrors, AND
turn your head to look as well. You should
absolutely never trust what you see in your
mirrors alone. There are many blind spots,
and the most critical one is in your head.
I call it the “Minds Eye”. It is the very reason
that states adopted the motorcycle headlight
law where factories now don’t make the
motorcycle headlight with a switch any longer.
It seems that many ‘looked’ in their mirrors
to see if anything was close before they
would change lanes. They would always
state after the accident, “I don’t know where
he came from. He wasn’t there when I
looked.” Actually, ‘he’ was there, but the
“Minds Eye” was only looking for a car,
truck, or bus, but not a motorcycle. It is
the “Minds Eye” that will fail a person when
doing the usual ‘look’ while driving. That is
also why most states are now looking at
laws against using any phone while driving.
The “Minds Eye” is focused on the phone
call, and is only awakened when it is too
late, or almost so, to prevent a problem.
That is also why it is always best to not
trust your mirrors alone, but to turn your
head (and body when necessary) to really
‘look’. That act tends to insure that the
“Minds Eye” is ‘opened’ to really see what
is there, and not merely what it might
expect to see.

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