Vespa…feeling the waters…?

Question by The ~Muffin~ Man: Vespa…feeling the waters…?
I’ve been thinking about getting a Vespa for a while now. I don’t want a big motorcycle, I just want something simple that gets me from Point A to Point B while not burning a ton of gas.

The route I would probably take would be some surface streets (30-40 mph limit) and some highway driving (55-65 mph limit). Do you think a Vespa is “appropriate” for this kind of driving speeds? I am sure I’ll hear all kinds of stuff about safety, what are people’s opinions on this?

I’ve read through all their selections on their websites, so I know their specs. I am more interested in hearing people’s stories and experiences with their Vespas.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Capt
I won’t lecture you about what you apparently don’t want to hear but I will tell you anyway.
Riding a two wheeler is all about visability…being able to be seen. An underpowered Vespa on a hiway with 65MPH traffic is not only unwise but downright stupid. It is woefully too underpowered and fragile for that environment.
Just consider where scooters are ridden…..urban areas of Italy, France, etc. Rural unpaved roads in the third world. READ THAT slow traffic. NOT because they CAN’T go fast just that they are not safe.

So yes you can but its really built for under 40mph driving conditions…more like 25-35 REALLY…the fact it might go 60 doesn’t mean it should!

Finally 80% of all “motorcycle accidents” happen to new riders in their first 6 months.

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2 thoughts on “Vespa…feeling the waters…?”

  1. IMHO…if you ride a Vespa or any other scooter you might as well get “NERD” tattooed on your forehead. Scooters are stupid little machines.

  2. Scooters can be a lot safer than motorcycles, but visibility is important as previously pointed out. The new 250cc Vespa GTS sounds like the way to go for your requirements, and it is plenty fast. It is about twice as much as the others, but still the difference is only $ 2,000 or so and it is well worth it.

    I have had several Vespas and my latest is a 1959 GS which is rare and feels like it hauls ass, but in reality I would *never* take it on the highway. I would ride the 250cc model if it was short distances. I would also add acccessories to increase visibility — such as these

    Also look for adding a rear antenna with a light and/or flag. This attach to the rear rack (see accessories) and goes a long way for increasing visibility — it is also a classic mod look which really completes the style of the Vespa. I would also add a couple lights to a front rack — which again increases visibility while looking cool.

    Here is a review of the GTS 250

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