Types Of Damages You Can Receive When Filing A Personal Injury Accident Claim

When it comes to filing a personal injury accident claim many people get confused and wonder what they can actually file a claim for outside of the costs of the injury. Due to the fact that many people have access to public healthcare or health insurance you may feel that simply getting reimbursed for medical expenses is not worth your while, making you discount the effectiveness of such a claim. However, there are actually many other types of damages that you can file for with a personal injury accident claim that are quite enticing that you may want to look over before making a decision not to proceed with a lawsuit.

There are two main types of damages that you can claim if you are considering filing for personal injury. The first group is known as general damages, which cover losses that are not financially felt but are related to the types of physical or mental injuries that occurred as a result of the accident. Among this group of damages there are three major subgroups of damages that fall under this guideline: loss of future employment, loss of amenity, and damages for suffering.

Damages for suffering speaks for itself and also includes compensation for the pain and suffering that you may have to face continually if you now have to live with a chronic condition as the result of your accident. Loss of amenity could be rephrased to mean loss of pleasure, because this type of damages includes loss of pleasure and enjoyment.

This could apply for someone who previously used their hands a lot to play a musical instrument but suffered severe damage or lost a limb in an accident and thus will not be able to live the same quality of life. Loss of future employment falls along the same lines if your personal injury will make it impossible to be hired into your field again because of your injuries.

The second major group of damages is called special damages and these are the actual financial losses that have occurred as part of your accident and the future expenses that you may now face because of your injuries. Within this group is a subset of five different types of claims that you can make as part of your lawsuit which include medical expenses, travel expenses, loss of earnings, care costs, cost of damaged property, and motor insurance excess.

Loss of earnings applies to any time you have spent off work as the result of your injury and the loss of any future earnings you would have made if you are unable to work any longer. Medical expenses include the medical bills you are facing now and the ones that you have already paid as a result of your injury as well as any prescriptions that you may have to pay for now.

Travel expenses include any trips to the hospital or doctor that you have to make on a regular basis now because of your injury and care costs similarly include any personal nursing care that you may have to pay for.

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