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I’m so scared to drive-should I just take buses?

Question by sky blue: I’m so scared to drive-should I just take buses?
I’m 19 and still don’t have my license. I had my permit but then I was out of country for 1 year and now it’s expired.
Even when I had my permit, I practiced in parking lots and stuff but it’s way different when driving on actual streets.
I just feel like I’m not responsible enough to drive- there are so many car accidents nowadays and I definitely cannot be responsible for someone’s life or injury. I once was in a car accident when my friend was driving, and though nobody was seriously injured the other driver’s car was really damaged, and the police officers were so mean to us because it was our fault, and from that moment I became even more scared.
My mom tells me that I have to get my license but she won’t understand how scared I am. I know people think I’m weird for not having a license but I think buses and walking are easier and safer.

Is it weird that I don’t want a license?
What should I do? No mean or negative comments please.

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Answer by Nigel M
If public transit meets your needs, there is no reason to get your license. For me, a combination of walking, biking, bus and light rail cover 95% of my transportation needs. Having it cover 100% would save me more money, and reduce my carbon foot print.

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I really don’t understand the “justice” system it doesn’t seem very just….?

Question by micki: I really don’t understand the “justice” system it doesn’t seem very just….?
can someone please explain this to me. How can a man who was caught driving drunk for the second time and crashed his motorcycle into a cop car and then proceeded to try and beat up the cop. He got 1 year in county jail. The second guy broke into a house stole an x-box and an i-pod (first offense) unarmed and got 3 years in PRISON. Where is the justice in that? These two people live in the same state as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Citicop
2nd offense DWI and simple assault are lower crimes (misdemeanors).

Breaking into a person’s home and violating their space is more serious (a felony).

If the DWI crash had injured someone, it might be different, but courts consider DWI to have a lower mental state required (you could do it “by accident”) where you have to PLAN to break into a person’s house and steal things.

I have no problem with either sentence.

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Dupage and Aurora Accident Attorneys: Getting Victims Their Just Compensation

When an accident occurs in which injury results it is critical that the victims have the defense of a personal injury lawyer. The job of the personal injury lawyer is to recover the money that you need to deal with the aftermath of the accidents. This may include cost for damages occurred to the auto, medical bills, compensation for missed work, and compensation for pain and suffering. The personal injury lawyer will fight with the insurance companies, represent you in court and act on your behalf to get you the greatest award possible. Being a victim of an accident is a trying time, and when personal injury is involved it can be one that is overwhelming. The proper representation is essential and having a lawyer or team of lawyers with the right experience is essential. Having a lawyer that is qualified and experienced and does not overlook any factors in the case is crucial.

The wrong representation could mean years of suffering without compensation.

In Illinois and throughout its various counties, there are many different types of personal injury lawyers which include:

Dupage County DUI Accident Attorney: Drunk driving accidents can result in severe personal injury. When a driver has been hit by a drunk driver, it is essential that the rights of the victims and their families be protected, supported and represented. A Dupage County DUI Accident Attorney will represent the victim and their families and insure that justice is served and that they are properly compensated. DUI accident attorney’s will not only get you the compensation that you deserve, but make sure that the DUI driver is placed behind bars.

Aurora motorcycle accident law firm: There is no doubt that a motorcycle is more vulnerable on the highway than any other vehicle on the road.

An Aurora Motorcycle Accident Law Firm will help victims and their families who have been struck while on a motorcycle by another driver on the road. It is the role of the attorney to recover money for medical bills, lost wages, disabilities, and physical and mental suffering.

Elgin Auto Accident Attorneys: There are man cases that a auto accident attorney is required such as bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and car accidents. A accident lawyer has the experience that is needed to fight with the insurance companies on your behalf and proceed to the courtroom if necessary. With a Elgin Auto Accident Attorney you can be assured that you have the proper representation to be awarded for your damages and suffering.

Dupage County Semi Truck Accident Attorneys: When a big rig is involved in an accident, it is normally dramatic. Dupage County lawyers are experienced and know the emotional and financial trauma caused by truck accidents. Serious injuries or death are often a result of the accident. Having a Dupage County Semi Crash Attorney is essential as the best representation is now more important than ever. Having a attorney with years of experience that deals with semi crash accidents will help to ensure that all factors are considered and that you do receive the award which you deserve.

Make sure you research the topic before settling on a Aurora motorcycle accident law firm to represent your case.

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Just Compensation With Motor Accident Lawyers

Road accidents are an everyday occurrence, but some kinds are more dangerous than others. You know it is serious when the victim sustains physical injury, monetary losses, and even loss of life. In such incidents, the services of motor accident lawyers are best sought.

It is hard when a victim, who already suffered losses, is further victimized as insurance companies remain uncooperative in filing cases. Get help for truck and bus accidents from motor accident lawyers. They are masters of legal procedures who ensure the guilty pay damages.

Riders of motorcycles and bicycles are more likely to get into accidents. Coupled with the openness of these vehicles is the danger of going off-balance as drivers swerve among bigger vehicles. The double-edged sword comes from failure to adhere to safety precautions, like wearing helmets, and reckless driving.

Experienced as they are with these tragedies, motor accident lawyers advise prevention in terms of safe riding techniques. By heeding their advice, drivers can avoid both injury and lawsuits. The top three recommendations are following road laws, wearing safety gear, and driving only in good weather.

By demanding longer work hours, employers have caused the increase in truck and bus accidents. Other faults include failing to ask about driving skills at the time of hire and failing to maintain adequate safety of the vehicles. Other causes of truck and bus accidents are speeding, overloading of cargo, and hazardous road and weather conditions.

Injured parties are incapable of going to work or performing every tasks because of the degree of damage associated with these accidents. All their lives, victims with permanent disability require rehabilitation and medical attention. Motor accident lawyers make sure all costs are covered, from medical to burial expenses.

Guarded is the best description of truck and bus service businesses who encounter driving accidents. When one driver is found guilty in an accident, insurance premiums for all drivers of the company are increased. Consequently, the prudent action for any victim would be to seek legal advice from a motor accident lawyer.

Different states and countries have their own transportation regulations. It is the specialty of motor accident lawyers to handle road accident cases and know all pertinent transportation regulations. When one hires a skillful lawyer, he can be assured of adequate reparation.

Can anyone afford the services of motor accident lawyers? There is no need to worry about cost as most are paid only a percentage of reparations collected, or what is called contingency payment. For lost cases, no payment should be rendered.

For victims, motor accident lawyers can get just compensation from guilty parties. These may consist of medical expenses, loss of wages, and punitive damages. Specialized legal assistance ensures adequate compensation.

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