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Could you describe any religious experiences you’ve had? (no sex jokes, ya pervs!)?

Question by Citizen Of The Cosmos: Could you describe any religious experiences you’ve had? (no sex jokes, ya pervs!)?
I’m particularly interested in any that were key in convincing you that your deities and or savior figures were real and/or loved you. Where were you, who were you with, what were you doing, what did you think about before, during, and after the experience, and how did it feel?

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Answer by TR
I’ve had a number of genuine peak experiences, which Abraham Maslow considered the core experience that inspired all religions. It did nothing to convince me that any particular religion needs to be followed.

I’d go into detail but it’s rather lengthy.

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Which comedian told these jokes?

Question by Brian S: Which comedian told these jokes?
I think he was on Comedy Central Presents of Premium Blend a couple years ago, but this is what I remember from his standup routine:

“I fell asleep this morning and i had a dream that I was eating a giant marshmallow. But then i woke up, and i realized that i had actually just crashed my car into a daycare.”

“When i finished high school, i wanted to take all my money and buy myself a motorcycle. But my mum said no. See, she had a brother that died in horrible motorcycle accident when he was 18… and i could just have his motorcycle.”

“I got in a car accident, with a brand spankin’ newly married couple. I mean there’s tin cans all over the street, the just married sign is crumpled up on the ground. I see the groom get out of the car, furious, and i’m thinking ‘how my gonna get outta this?’ So i said ‘look man, we could sit here and exchange insurance information, but it’s not gonna bring back your wife’

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Answer by diamondaneta
no clue….sorry

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