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Has anyone else seen this (details)?

by State Library of Queensland, Australia

Question by YNNUFKLAWI: Has anyone else seen this (details)?

This story breaks my heart. Poor kid was just having fun at the park 🙁

And to make this an R&S question: Have you noticed that I’m NOT asking anyone to pray for his family, or send positive energy, or keep keep them in your thoughts? *cough cough*
You people are brutal. He was just a kid.
Teletubbies: I am not attacking Christianity. I have no idea how reached that conclusion.
Oops. how *you* reached….
Semper Fi: Did you not see the *cough cough*???

Do you not understand sarcasm?
Thank you, Cricket! It’s nice to see that some people actually bother to get it instead of attaking me.
(((sherl, Kychick and ELJ)))

Best answer:

Answer by Nurdballer
What a dumb ass kid……

I’m sorry….but when i read the first sentence i laughed.

And his parents want to sue the park????

For what…their child breaking the rules. Areas are restricted for a reason.

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