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I’m so scared to drive-should I just take buses?

Question by sky blue: I’m so scared to drive-should I just take buses?
I’m 19 and still don’t have my license. I had my permit but then I was out of country for 1 year and now it’s expired.
Even when I had my permit, I practiced in parking lots and stuff but it’s way different when driving on actual streets.
I just feel like I’m not responsible enough to drive- there are so many car accidents nowadays and I definitely cannot be responsible for someone’s life or injury. I once was in a car accident when my friend was driving, and though nobody was seriously injured the other driver’s car was really damaged, and the police officers were so mean to us because it was our fault, and from that moment I became even more scared.
My mom tells me that I have to get my license but she won’t understand how scared I am. I know people think I’m weird for not having a license but I think buses and walking are easier and safer.

Is it weird that I don’t want a license?
What should I do? No mean or negative comments please.

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Answer by Nigel M
If public transit meets your needs, there is no reason to get your license. For me, a combination of walking, biking, bus and light rail cover 95% of my transportation needs. Having it cover 100% would save me more money, and reduce my carbon foot print.

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