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Q&A: How do you politely communicate to the slow driver in front of you to hurry up, the quad shot of espresso has?

Question by Goodies: How do you politely communicate to the slow driver in front of you to hurry up, the quad shot of espresso has?
now kicked in. One lane road, they are driving 7 miles below the speed limit and it’s not even an old Asian woman driver. Flashing lights, laying on the horn, shaking fist out the window, flipping double birds. Why oh why sweet Lord, do they not get it, that I really need to use the restroom lickity splits?!!!! Or I’m going to have to explain to my boss why I was really late in the first place. What does Miss Manners suggest in these types of situations?

Thank you for your kind thoughts. God bless you.

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Answer by ♥ || ♪♫ Br0wn Eyǝd G!rl ♫♪ || ♥
I would honk the horn. That’s what it’s for.

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Car Driver Arrested in Morongo Valley California Motorcycle Accident

A drunk driver rear-ended a motorcycle in Morongo Valley on Sunday, throwing both the riders off the bike. The driver Carlos Rodriguez, has been arrested.

According to Hi-Desert Star, the motorcycle accident occurred at 6 pm on Sunday. 24-year-old Marco Garcia and 20-year-old Erica Jacome were on their motorcycle, with Marco driving. 35-year-old Rodriguez was driving his 2001 Honda. The car rear-ended the motorcycle, throwing both Garcia and Jacome off. Fortunately, they only sustained minor injuries in the motorcycle accident. Both were taken by ambulance to a Palm Springs hospital for treatment. The mangled motorcycle was lodged beneath the Honda.

Rodriguez meanwhile, continued to drive on, unmindful of the fact that the motorcycle was stuck under his car. He drove on for several hundred feet in this manner. At least two passengers in his car received minor and moderate injuries. One of them was treated at a local hospital, while the other refused to seek treatment.


When the police arrived, they found that Rodriguez had been driving under the influence. He has now been booked for felony driving under the influence.

It was fortunate that Garcia and Jacome were able to escape without any major injuries. As we have reported on several cases on our motorcycle accident attorney blog, the results for motorcycle-car collisions can be deadly. Things could have ended up very differently for the two. Even so, the two have been through a traumatic ordeal, and have suffered injuries for which they are now entitled to compensation.

From all accounts, they were not at fault in this accident. All they were doing was riding along, minding their own business. Carlos Rodriguez on the other hand, needs to learn that consequences have actions. When you decide to get behind the wheel when you’re obviously in no condition to drive, then you must suffer the consequences of your behavior. A firm message at this point will help send out the message that the authorities mean business, and that drunk driving will involve a zero tolerance policy.

Garcia and Jacome should consult a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible to evaluate their case. The right car accident lawyer will be able to win for them the compensation they deserve.

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