Strange Health Insurance Claims

Unforeseen circumstances affecting your health can lead to unplanned financial costs and this is where insurance products can help. Medical problems can be covered off using a medical insurance product. Insurance is recommended due to the high cost of health care. Keep reading for some strange claims that have been made on peoples medical insurance policies.

A couple in Massachusetts, US claimed they had been harmed by a number of grocery stores and restaurants that served food containing pieces of glass. From 1997 to 2005 the couple received more than $ 200,000 in payments for their medical insurance claims. It seems the number of claims and amount of money prompted the insurance company to investigate. The couple finally admitted to eating the glass and filing false claims to collect the money!

A new policy from Lloyd’s of London will provide insurance for certain men that could lose their chest hair in an accident! The policy will provide cover of up to $ 1.8 million if the policy holder lost 85% or more of their chest hair and was drawn up by an unnamed celebrity agent. It is aimed to cover celebrities and other men that are required to look masculine as part of their work or image, however the policy excludes certain causes such as hair loss by illness and even nuclear contamination, horse riding, hang-gliding or terrorism. Fire-eaters need not apply as men of their ‘profession’ will not be allowed cover.

A woman filed a claim due to injuries to her left breast after it became trapped in her car door. Unfortunately, the door had locked itself and the keys were in her purse, out of reach. Eventually a random passer by helped her by retrieving her keys and getting her out of the locked door. The woman then drove to the hospital where she was stitched and treated for severe bruising. The woman’s medical insurance paid out $ 3,800 for the hospital visit and treatment.

An accident, injury or illness can occur at any given time, to anyone and the costs associated with these can be significant. The cost of hospital visits, medicine and surgery can mount up and cause a significant amount of financial distress to the injured person or their family. Should an accident, injury or illness occur, having the necessary financial protection in place to cover you is an option if you take out medical insurance.

For more information about how health insurance can cover you against even the strangest of problems, visit the Health365 website.

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