Song from the series One Tree Hill, S04E04?

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Question by Taylor: Song from the series One Tree Hill, S04E04?
When Rachel and Nathan rode away from Tric on his motorcycle.

Best answer:

Answer by Margaret M M
“Crash & Burn” by Utah
Rachel & Nathan leave on his motorcycle.

Also featured –

“Cool Kids Sleep” by The American Analog Set
Opening scenes; Lucas’ voice over.

“Back Together” by Citizen Cope
Brooke is ambushed by the ‘Clean Teen’ leader.

“Post Blue” by Placebo
Rachel goes to the Maxim shoot; Nathan gets into a motorcycle accident.

“Allison” by Jeremy Kushnier
Peyton gets ready for TRIC.

“Everybody In Da House” by Selectracks
Rachel & Nathan talk about he crash at TRIC.

“Downtime” by Dr. Caligari
Deb fires Karen.

“Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco.
Performed at TRIC.

“I Gotcha” by Lupe Fiasco
Performed at TRIC; Brooke realizes Shelley’s secret.

“I Am The Highway” by Audioslave
Dan talks to Karen; end scenes.

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