Should I buy a motorcycle or a car first?

Question by Aubrey: Should I buy a motorcycle or a car first?
Of course, its kind of a no-brainer.. I should get a car on 4 wheels before I get the bike, but I’m really excited to start riding, I don’t know if I want to wait a few more months.. Here’s my reasoning:

Both vehicles are pretty much for recreation. I work across the road from my house, 5 minute walk (stop light & parking lot make up the whole walk), and don’t have any other “need” to travel besides convenience and leisure.

I’m really contemplating buying the bike before the car.. My mom proposed that we share the car as well, but I felt like I wanted my own – Especially since she works from 9-9, I’ll never have it anyway, but could manage if I REALLY needed it for the day.

Bike would cost me nothing to fill up, where as the specific car I want gets less than 20mpg and I’d be going premium.. Still want it though, lol.

And I’d be getting the expensive vehicle out of the way first. The base price of a bike isn’t bad, but it adds up once you add gear, etc.

I don’t know if I’ve lost my mind or if its not too bad of an idea. Some other opinions would be nice. Thanks.

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Answer by Adam Silva
if you have a motorbike licence go ahead but i kinda recommend that you get a car because motorbikes 1 accident its death! that’s why i use a car so i think a car is way better

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6 thoughts on “Should I buy a motorcycle or a car first?”

  1. in case of emergency, and in bad weather i’d prefer having a car over a motorcycle. A car would be more practical because you can use it to move and carry more stuff. So yeh, get the car first.

  2. You’ve looked at this and have most of the important points. Very good. I thought of something you might add to your list.
    Off season is always the best time to buy things. I buy winter clothes in Feb and March when the prices drop. Some times the prices are cut 75% or more.
    A motor cycle dealer and a private seller are very lonely in the winter. No ones buying bikes when the Temperature drops. Even in warm places. I wouldn’t buy a two wheeler in the summer.

    CC means size in motor cycles and scooters. If you planned to get something small and know you can handle it and are positive your never going to out grow it. Great.
    But if your like most people new to motor bikes, you might be too careful and buy something too small. In six months, you’ll wish you bought some thing bigger.
    All bikes are dangerous, but really small bikes are more dangerous because they can’t get out of someones way. For example, your safely pulling out on the road and you see someone bearing down on you. Their speeding, maybe trying to make a green light. With a small bike your in trouble. With a larger, more powerful bike you have choices. Like accelerating, a medium size bike 500 or 600 cc, can out perform most cars. So you can safely make some room between you and the idiot.
    If your in an area that is all small streets, it might not be that important. But if you are in an area that has big roads and highways it is important. Just getting up to highway speed is tough for little bikes.

  3. If you are open to both then I’ll recommend you to get a car. A car is more safer than a bike.

    Car will be helpful for you in any season. No matter its raining outside or cold or a hot summer. You can easily commute.

    A car will carry more merchandise if in case you go for a shopping for yourself & home.

    If in case you plan for a long drive (to hangout like in wrong turn movie) cars are always comfortable to ride than a bike.

    So all the best.

  4. If you are a biker at heart you will get the bike first. There really is now way to explain this with logic and if you don’t get it you never will. Two wheels is always twice as good as four!

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