Selecting a New Motorcycle Helmet

Even though motorcycle accidents share similarities when it comes to traffic accidents, motorcycle accidents are typically far more severe than that of car or truck accidents. One of the most important things for any rider to remember is the fact that motorcycle accidents can and will happen. Hopefully it will not happen to you. In order to help keep you safe, read up on some of these great things to look out for when you purchase your new helmet.

Motorcycle Riding Gear

• Helmet: When you purchase a new helmet, make sure that you purchase one that has a sticker on it indicating DOT (the Department of Transportation) compliance. This basically means that the helmet meets basic impact standards.

• If you drop your current helmet on any type of hard surface or if it sustains some sort of heavy blow, it is safe to assume that it may no longer be safe for use. Definitely consider purchasing a new helmet.

• When you purchase your new helmet, be sure to find one that fits comfortably and does not impair your eye sight or your hearing. Helmets can range in price from $ 100 to $ 900 or more. Purchasing a new helmet isn’t the time to be frugal about your money either. Purchasing a new helmet is a huge factor when it comes to protecting your safety. When you are searching for a new helmet, take a moment to inspect its outer shell. Higher end helmets have a tendency to have outer shells made from fiberglass or some sort of plastic blend.

These type of shells are not only lighter, but spread/absorb impact better. Most outer shells also offer a variety of vents and aerodynamic designs to reduce noise and wind pressure for riders. In addition, most helmets offer removable and/or washable liners so that they have the ability to fit better for different riders. Any and all helmets should always fit securely and never be loose.

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  1. If I understand your question correctly. The stock Harley hand controls control the stereo. there is also a remote that you can use when you are parked somewhere, as well as the front face.


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