Q&A: Would anyone be willing to help me come up with a book title please?

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Question by Kelly: Would anyone be willing to help me come up with a book title please?
First a note : anyone who tells me I “talk to much” or I’m a “blabber-mouth,” you can keep those opinions to yourself thank you, it doesn’t really benefit you anyways. And your answers will be hidden.

Okay, so, it’s a romance/comedy/mystery novel. The first main character is a 25 year old girl named Caity Bell. She experienced a car “accident” and was caused mild head trauma placing her in a coma for several weeks. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a coffin – underground.

Fortunately, the graveyard she is in happens to be scheduled for construction to build a casino/hotel. The man in charge ( the other main character’s father ) ends up digging her up with a dozer and lets her out. He then brings her to his home and his son’s store ( they’re the same place ), Heart and Home, to meet his son. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvCGP0nwF.PcRBMgVmwhlAPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120515105159AAdPZ1P in case you want to know the description of his store. The second main character, Robin, is a spunky, down to earth, loving, more-feminine-then-masculine, 24-yr old guy who loves giving everyone the shock factor for first impressions.

When at work, he dresses up in a thorough goth getup to shock newcomers, when he’s not, he’s an adorably handsome, fun-loving, sarcastic, chocolate maker. Caity Bell meets Robin & all his employees/friends and quickly bonds with all of them. But she’s ready to go back home, but there’s a problem – she doesn’t remember where she lives, her last name, where she works, etc.

She agrees to stay with Robin ’til her amnesia goes away. Over the next couple of months she starts to remember things and finds that Robin is falling head over heels for her – and herself falling for him. But one thing stands between her and falling in love with him – she’s already engaged.

Over the next few months, she gains back more of her memory, she decides to court Robin since nobody in her family even knows where she is, and she starts having nightmares about a young teenage boy named Kiernan – who looks like her.

She finds secret compartments hidden in the bottom of her shoes, she realizes she’s been blindly overlooking a *recent* ( year old ) bullet wound on her chest, she finds that she know how to hack computers, ride motorbikes, and other mysteries. That is, they are mysteries ’til she finds a tattoo of the word “Rose” on the back of her neck and memories start flooding back. “Caity Bell Delancey Rose.” She finds her Facebook page, and other stories of her *plastered* all over the internet.

She remembers her adopted 14-yr old son, Kiernan, she finds her FB page says her work is “classified,” and she remembers where she lives. She decides to go to her house alone on Byllie’s ( one of her new found friends ) motorcycle. She meets her family and sees her fiancé. Or rather, ex-fiancé. He’s engaged to another woman and apologizes for not waiting for her.

Caity, having fallen for Robin, tells him that she still loves him, but it isn’t what she wanted anymore, and that this way everyone could be happy. While with her family, she also learns she had another apartment to herself. She goes there to find that the key to her house doesn’t exist. There is a full keyboard outside her house hidden behind a wood panel and she remembers the password. She goes in only to be tackled by a red-headed teenage boy.

At the realization that Caity was alive and that this was Kiernan, they start talking. It turns out that she was one of the most respected and well-renowned Special Agent Forensic Specialists of the FBI ( that’s kind of like a scientist, detective, and agent all mixed into one )!

She also learns that her car accident wasn’t so “accidental.” An escaped convict, busted by Caity in an early case, decided it was time for her glory to take a permanent rest. When he was unsuccessful in his attempted murder and Caity was placed in the hospital, he broke into the building, kidnapped her, and took her away to bury her alive.

Any way, long story, short, Caity Bell and Robin continue dating and eventually Robin proposes to her, Caity regains her memory and goes back to working with the FBI, and in the late evenings, Caity, Robin, Kiernan ( who moves in with them ), and all of Caity’s and Robin’s friends watch movies and indulge on homemade chocolate.

I know the ending sounds cheesy here, but it will sound better in the book.
And don’t tell me I should write the book and then make the title. I work best backwards. I can’t write until I have the title. And don’t tell me to come up with it myself. If I had any more ideas I wouldn’t be asking for help.
I’d like the title to sound *somewhat* romance-y please. I thought of the name “Death and Chocolate…” What do you think?
I’d really appreci
appreciate the help! Thank you in advance!


I’ll choose best answer.
One, the name “Katie Bell” isn’t trademarked, it isn’t copyrighted, and I can use it if I want to. Besides, just ’cause one person was named that, it does NOT mean that no one else can be named the same.

Two, thank you, but that title doesn’t exactly fit…
But she’s not dead?
Thank you very much! (: D) It makes me happy to hear that! And the titles are good too! And in response to your question : she wasn’t actually in there very long – only a few hours. You can survive for about a day ( I think? ) in a coffin ( I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in one… lol ). She’s in there only about 2 hrs before she wakes up, and only about another hour before she’s dug up.

Best answer:

Answer by Sofia
I like Death and Chocolate, but maybe something more like “Sweet death” or somthing with an alliteration?

Also, don’t use the name Caity Bell. That’s Harry Potter, even if you use a different way of spelling for the first name.

Edit: Came up with somthing else: “Dark Chocolate”. As in, bitter, dark chocolate, and dark, deadly murder.

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23 thoughts on “Q&A: Would anyone be willing to help me come up with a book title please?”

  1. Your summary was certainly captivating and if you ever get around to completing the story, let me know! I’d love to read it sometime!

    Anyways, here are a few suggestions:

    Dark Chocolate (I know this was already suggested somewhere but I was going to say so anyways)

    Sweet Lies

    Buried Deep

    Learning to Fly (Robin, finding her past, leaning towards the future; get it?)

    Forgotten Shards

    Black and White (things aren’t always black and white)

    Anyways, I hope that helps!

    Just wondering, how did she survive in the coffin for so long on such limited air?

  2. thnQ! ik zeg doen!! het is zo’n fijne fiets, en helaas dat soort dingen gebeuren. het had ook anders kunnen aflopen! ,en als dat gebeuren zie je het vast langs komen hier op mijn kanaal 😉
    maar ik heb de “dag des oordeels” tot nu toch weten te vermijden 😛

  3. In what shithole do you live then?. Trust me the Netherlands isn’t that great. The government whats to control everything and everybody.

  4. Mooie harley man. Zit er zelf ook aan te denken om deze aan te schaffen.
    Maar wat een idioot man op 6.00. Ik voelde de schrik zelf ook flink zitten. Alles gebeurt zo snel.

  5. ThnQ! ben er nogal blij mee!! 😉

    Hij gaat als een trein! en als je er front-controls op hebt is het helemaal relaxed rijden.
    Ik ga er komende zomer mee op vakantie.., dan zal ik het echt gaan merken, maar k heb regelmatig dagen gehad van meer dan 300km. nergens last van! echt een geweldige motor.

  6. hey man mooie Harley,ik zit erover te denken om deze in de toekomst aan te schaffen.Nu heb ik een Honda Shadow maar zou graag ooit een Harley bezitten! Mijn vraag is eigenlijk hoe de motor is op lange afstanden in verband met comfort ?

  7. i is such a nice ride!
    light a a feather! go’s trough corners real easy and has enough power to have some fun.
    it’s a bit ruff in low rev. shocks and bumbs. but you’ll get used to it.. besides… its a Harley, it should be a bit bumpy at times 😛

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