Q&A: Who had a bad motorcycle accident, and lived to talk about it?

by State Library of Queensland, Australia

Question by alf: Who had a bad motorcycle accident, and lived to talk about it?

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Answer by loneytraveler
I did, it was then I seen the motorcycle is the boss and don’t ever forget it.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: Who had a bad motorcycle accident, and lived to talk about it?”

  1. Back in 1983, I collided with a car, whilst riding my Honda 250 and broke my back, (I still walk), since then I have had other accidents, primarily involving cars (no two the same), broken a hand, stuffed up my left ankle, suffered concussion twice, all on different bikes of course.
    I still ride and have no intention of giving up any time soon.

  2. If you have ever heard they saying….”The simplest mistakes are always the worst injuries”.
    Let me paint this picture for you…..It was back in 1994, I was out blazing the roads all day on my brand new 94′ CBR900RR that i got a week before. I catch up with some buddies of mine that are out cruising the neihborhood after awhile we all decide to take a break and go to the local Sonic drive inn and fuel our bodies up.
    We pulled in into a few spaces, I pulled right up to the speaker where you order at and the next thing i know is i’m on the ground and everyone was running up to help me. I remember seeing the menu getting closer but i don’t remember the impact.
    When i turned off the bike i forgot to put down my kickstand and gravity took over, The bike feel to the left and slammed my head into the bottom of the menu(at that time they were made out of metal) It caused a 11inch gash from the top of my right eye to past the top of my head(27 staples) and in the process of falling, I also broke all my fingers on my right hand, dislocated my left shoulder and broke my left ankle(two places)….After all that,Do you know how hard it was to explain to people when they ask “what happen to you”….. I say, “I forgot to put my kickstand down when i parked”…..Yes, I was riding with out my helmet.but, i had it…..it was strapped to the passenger seat…..It’s not a “bad motorcycle accident” but, it’s defently a “bad mistake” that caused alot of damage to me. (the left mirror and clutch lever were the only damage done to my bike)

  3. Yeah I was say for your benifit, Im in the UK its doesnt affect me though lane splitting and filtering would be pretty much the same thing, we filter here, ride safe

  4. it is illegal to lane split, however it is legal to share lanes(filtering up, riding between cars without going pass the dotted lines) you can still get a ticket for unsafe lane changes if you’re “splitting” between cars, however if you’re sharing a lane then it is legal. forgot which section of the cvc its in but you can look it up

  5. Important bit of info there, most drivers dont know its legal for bikes to filter ( lane split ) and they do get pissed of and cause accidents so this ad aint all bad

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