Q&A: What should I know about motorcycles? [Many questions]?

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Question by Angelina: What should I know about motorcycles? [Many questions]?
I’m very interested in getting a motorcycle. I’ve been looking at the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja and I think it looks amazing. I’m completely new to this and I wanna know as much information as you can possibly tell me about them. Some of these questions may even be dumb. How do you know how fast they are? How do you make them fast? Is a leather jacket all that important? Where do I get a motorcycle for a decent price? What is the difference between 250 cc and 1000 cc engine? What’s good mileage for a motorcycle?

I want this ^^^^

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Answer by Boris
First thing is safety. The only study in USA is the Hurt report.75% of accidents were found to involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, while the remaining 25% of accidents were single motorcycle accidents.”Almost half of the fatal accidents show alcohol involvement” and “injury severity increases with speed, alcohol involvement and motorcycle size.” Leather protects the skin so yes jacket is important. In UK it is illegal to ride without a crash helmet and for good reason . Most accidents result in serious head injury.
Start off with 250 cc. The 1000 cc is for the experienced rider and is a lot heavier bike. Being in four accidents that each could have resulted in my death, I recommend four wheels but I don’t think you will listen to me preaching.Speed kills.

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Here are a few clips that have been put together, there are some really crazy ones! check them out.
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24 thoughts on “Q&A: What should I know about motorcycles? [Many questions]?”

  1. The first thing you should know is that this is not a beginner bike. Read the links below to find out why. I quote from one of them: “Getting ANY modern 600cc supersport bike for a first ride is a bad idea (far, far, far worse is a 1000cc bike for a first ride.) In fact, it may be nothing more than an expensive form of suicide.”

    To answer some of your other questions: a good mileage for a bike is found on any bike which has been looked after, preferably with a documented service history. How do you make them fast? Open the throttle. A 250cc sportbike will do 100 mph. That’s plenty fast enough to kill you.

  2. Absolutely DO NOT get that motorcycle. Good Lord, I hope you are pulling our leg asking about that bike. That machine is for riders with years of experience.

    Go to http://www.kawasaki.com and compare their bikes. The Ninja 250 will do about 85 mph or so. The ZX10R is electronically limited to 187 mph.

    The engines are sized just like car engines, only smaller. Your car might have a 2.2 Liter 4-cylinder, or a 3.5 Liter V6, or maybe 5.0 Liter V8. The 250cc bike is a 0.25 Liter 2-cylinder, and the ZX10 is a 1.0 Liter 4-cylinder.

    Forget about “fast.” Concentrate on “safe.”

    The 250 will get 60-70 mpg and the ZX10 will get around 27-30 or so mpg.

  3. how do you know how fast they are??
    How sdo you make them fast??
    The power-to -weight ratio is already pretty insane for almost any bike so spending a bunch of money on upgrades for speed is almost a waste of money… an aftermarket exhaust generally will allow you to pick up a few horsepower though (it will make your neighbors hate you though)

    Is a leather jacket all that important??
    It’s probably the least important thing for you as long as you like road rash..
    It’s not so important for it to be leather, but you must wear at least some kind of motorcycle jacket (preferably one with kevlar in the back, elbows, and shoulders) you must also wear a DOT and SNELL approved helmet whenever you ride as well as shoes with ankle support (preferably riding boots), Always wear pants, NEVER shorts while riding, and riding gloves

    Where do I get a motorcycle for a decent price?
    shop around, check bluebook value and then see what people are asking, go to the dealerships and see what they can do for you (bike dealerships tend to be COMPLETELY different from car dealerships, in my experience bike salesmen are much more friendly and there is more of a no pressure atmosphere). Motorcycles tend to hold their value much better than cars do so you probably won’t find one for as far off of msrp as you might want but it’s great if you ever decide to re-sell it.

    What is the difference between a 250 and a 1000??
    “cc” stands for “cubic centimeter” so, a “250” has approximately 250 cubic centimeters of combustion space, whereas a 1000cc bike has 1000 cubic centimeters of combustion space.. the more combustion space, the more raw power…
    Bikes are not like cars…. on a bike just because you have the “fastest” bike doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the fastest one out there.. you’ll only be fastest in the straight line… which is probably the least important place to be fast. Valentino Rossi (the world champ motorcycle racer since practically forever) won consecutive championships on first the fastest bike in the field and then the slowest bike in the field. How fast you are on your bike depends on how good a rider you are… 80% rider, 20% bike

    Good mileage for a bike is around 60 or 70…. depends on what you’re riding, how you’re riding it and where you’re riding

  4. [1] How fast are they? Depends on the model, but you can easily look up the specs on each one.
    [2] You don’t have to “make them fast”: They’re already quick enough.
    [3] Protective riding gear is essential: Helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, eye protection.
    [4] Your first bike should be small and used, thus cheap.
    [5] 4x the size = roughly 4x the power.
    [6] Small motor: 60-80 mpg; large motor: 35-45 mpg.

    Forget about buying a bike until after you have taken a riding course, such as the MSF. You have much to learn, and right now you have no information on which to base a sensible purchase.

  5. the most important 2 know about motorcycles is not the motor cycles it self, but how to PROPERLY DRIVE a bike, for safety reasons. You should inquire or gets some advise and tips from reliable persons on how to use it, specially the brakes.

  6. I seen one of these idiots, riding his bike on his back tire, doing 85plus on I-10. What in hell is he thinking? He could have lost control and possible killed someone, not to mention, himself, although that would be a good thing. At least we wouldn’t have him on the streets, putting life’s in harms way

  7. guck euch mal den video von meinen motorrad an. ihr findet den bei mir in kanal oder unter kawazaki Z1000 sound check. ich würde mich über einen kommentare von euch freuen.

  8. When learning to ride you’re taught that “You go to what you look at.” When the tire-shake started he probably stared at the car thinking “Don’t hit that. Don’t hit that.”

  9. Speedbikers piss me off, I love riding my cruiser and I hate these dumb fucks tryin to show off infront of me -_- wtf would you feel Gavin a nice ride then one of these douche bags seeking after a gay ass wheelie infront of you -.-

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