Q&A: what do you think about riding a motorbike in boxers?

Question by HTCC1!: what do you think about riding a motorbike in boxers?
I am planning to drive 10.8 miles on my Honda CBF in nothing but my boxers! I have to go on one of the busiest A roads in the UK! (i cant say it because of police). and this road is 40mph so im not going slow!!! Just wondering what people think of this drive?? and if anyone wants to know i have had a lot of motorbike accidents before (even though im 17). Last one left me in hospital for 5 days and a wheel chair for 2 more weeks because i had to have a skin graft on my foot. i also had a fractured back and broken legs and tetanus! i fell of at 60mph, just saying this just so no one says “oo you dont know what its like to be in accident”
any answers would be much appreciated!

if you want to know where im doing it i will let you know on youtube and i will put videos up on youtube if you cant come! my channel is TheRaggers123, and if you want i will give you my email so i can message you when i upload it but only if you subscribe (just because i don’t want to give it on yahoo)
oooo ye i don’t mind if you say things like “YOU DUMB F***ING C**T” i am just wondering because i have always wanted to do it and i thought, might as well now!! but don’t worry Bedouin i am not going to give thumbs down, or anyone else!! and even though it sounds like im doing it for a publicity stunt im not! as i said before just always wanted to

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Answer by Bedouin
So you are risking a hell of a lot of ‘bitumen burn’ for what you think is your few minutes of fame; to be honest I must say you lack ‘grey matter between the ears’ and don’t even learn the hard way. Who you are trying to impress is beyond me but I doubt you will get any positive attention here.

Don’t damage the boxers, do it naked, but who cares really…. Give me a negative vote for saying it how it is…

So if it’s not a publicity stunt why would you put it on youtube and talk about it here?? If that’s what your life is all about I feel sorry for you.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: what do you think about riding a motorbike in boxers?”

  1. Ok, I’m going to “feed the troll”.

    I think it is a great idea (sarcasm).

    You should do it naked and covered in spaghetti sauce though, no one will care if you have on boxers. They will think that they are just shorts.

    If you really want to impress, do it on just the back wheel or in other words “on a wheelie.” Anyone can ride a motorcycle in shorts on a road, but only Doug Domokos can ride a bike on a wheelie for 145 miles.

  2. I’m not going to call you anything but a troll, on the computer and in real life.

    The most anyone will think is, “Okay?”, or “I really hope my client pays his bill soon…”, or “Wow that guy must be a gay activist, that’s lame” (no offense gay peeps).

    The only major thing that could happen is you get pulled over for public indecency, that’s it. I doubt you’d even crash, but you never know.

    Have fun….

  3. I hope you fall off and get 3rd degree gravel rash.

    Do you know how A&E remove gravel rash from your skin? they scrap you with a toothbrush.

    I hope you fall, hurt yourself really bad.

    You are an idiot.

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