Plavix Study $3000?

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Question by Jeffrey: Plavix Study 00?
For $ 3000 would you participate in a study for 4 days and 8 check up visits…involving the drug Plavix? I ask because I may do it…but having serious second thoughts. After calling this research company to try to possibley switch to other studies that may be less risky they said I cannot switch to another study….and all I have done is a phone interview basicly and set up physical exam for tommorow. I need/want money, what do u think…should I do it?

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Answer by Rockford
There is a poster in my doctor’s office that shows a motorcycle accident and under it says something like “Not monitoring patients on Plavix causes more deaths per year than motorcycle accidents”

Plavix is a great drug and I would take it if I had a heart problem. It saved my friends life, but I don’t think I would ever chance it if I was healthy. And I ride a motorcycle, lol

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