Your Guide to Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle accidents can often cause personal injury along with damage to property. Claimants who are interested to file a motorcycle accident claim need to be able to convince the courts that the accident occurred due to negligence of the other driver and in order to do so they need proof. This article will elaborate on things you should remember while filing a motorcycle accident claim and ways to submit successful claims.

At the scene of the accident the claimant should opt for medical treatment if he has been severely injured or if someone else has been injured. If the injuries are not serious then the claimant can alternatively visit a doctor to get his injuries checked. If the claimant wants maximum compensation then he should remember that all injuries must be checked even if they are minor since compensation is given only to claimants who have sustained personal injury due to the accident. The claimant will need to collect documents such as bills and medical papers that act as a proof that the claimant suffered a personal injury due to which he opted for medical treatment.

Since the claimant needs proof that the accident has occurred he will need to contact the local law enforcement authorities as soon as the accident occurs. The main purpose of this step is to get a copy of the police report that will act as proof of the accident. The claimant should remember to give accurate details while the police report is being filed so that he gets maximum compensation. Before filing a motorcycle accident claim the claimant will need to find a witness to testify in court. The claimant will need to search for a witness at the scene of the motorcycle accident since the witness should have seen the entire accident. The witness will be asked to answer a series of questions if required.

The most important thing the claimant should do before he files the motorcycle accident claim is to opt for the services of a personal injury lawyer. Legal professionals who handle personal injury claims have experience in filing claims which means that they will be able to help the claimant with questions regarding the claim. The solicitor hired by the claimant will also prevent the claimant from making mistakes that can cause the claim to be rejected. In addition the selected personal injury lawyer will also represent the claimant in court, negotiate with the insurance company, talk to the adjuster and make life a lot less complicated for the claimant.

Solicitors can also help claimants get motorcycle accident claim compensation for lost wages if they suffered a financial loss due to the accident. If the claimant was not employed at the time of the accident but he wants lost wages then the solicitor will help him prove that if the claimant was indeed working then he would have earned a certain amount but he could not due to the accident.

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Question by Pingram: motorcycle accident claims and insurance?
I was hit from behind while i was on my motorcycle, wont give all the details, as they don’t matter in this case.
so i called my insurance company and the one who hit me. I just have liability, my insurance claim was closed without me being at fault, this other ins. company keeps saying they can not get ahold of their insured driver, as well as the witness…There was no police report, unfortunately. an appraiser came to assess damages, which led to the drivers insurance to say my bike is a total loss. what steps could i do now other then hunt the guy who hit me down and cause him pain and suffering..???

Best answer:

Answer by Entidtil
It is not your job to “hunt the guy down”. Your contact should be limited to the guys’ insurance company and NEVER the guy himself. It is common and standard practice for an insurance company to do nothing until they can speak with their insured. Keep checking with the insurance company and remember if it drags on too long, in the USA, you have an Insurance commissioner to file any complaint with.

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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance policy is much like choosing the right motorcycle. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle, but at the same time be within your budget. Although Colorado requires only ,000/,000 in liability coverage, other types of coverage are usually optional. And requirements vary by state.


Liability insurance is mandatory because it covers bodily injury and property damage to other people. It does not, however, cover you or your bike. When you purchase this type of insurance always ask if it also includes guest passenger liability. This protects anyone who may be riding with you as a passenger on your motorcycle. Even if this added protection is not included in the standard liability insurance that you are required to have, it is a good investment to go ahead and get it anyway.


Most people will also buy what is called collision insurance. This covers damages to your bike if you are in a motorcycle accident. When you have this type of insurance, your insurance carrier will pay for damages to your motorcycle, minus your deductible, as long as the damages were caused by a collision with another vehicle or object. Generally speaking, collision insurance covers the current book or market value of the motorcycle before the accident occurred.


Comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by an event other than a collision, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. However, just like collision coverage, your insurance company will pay for damages, minus your deductible, and will cover only the book or market value of the motorcycle.

Keep in mind that most comprehensive and collision coverage will cover only the factory standard parts on your motorcycle. If you decide to add on any optional accessories such as chrome parts, a custom paint job, trailers or sidecars, you should look into obtaining additional or optional equipment coverage.


Medical payments coverage pays for your medical expenses incurred as a result of injuries suffered in an accident. This is extremely important, especially if you do not have health insurance.


Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Coverage covers damages to you and your property caused by another driver who either doesn’t have insurance (uninsured) or doesn’t have adequate insurance (underinsured) to cover your damages.


Choose the agent or company that’s right for you. If you already have auto insurance, you can contact the same insurer. Otherwise, ask friends, relatives and co-workers where they bought their auto or motorcycle insurance. Your local motorcycle shop may have a company they refer customers to. You can also check local motorcycle magazines and newspapers for the names of insurance professionals advertising motorcycle insurance, or you can feel free to contact my office anytime.

Written by DanielRosen
Daniel R. Rosen is a Colorado accident lawyer with over 25 years experience handling tens of thousands of personal injury and accident cases.

Question by Edward E: what’s the best michigan motorcycle accident lawyers for the best results?
I had a serious motorcycle accident which left me with approximately 60,000 dollars in medical bills that no one seems to want to pay because it was a single vehicle accident.

Best answer:

Answer by BR
Generally speaking, any good personal injury lawyer ought to be able to assist you.

If you want one who has represented motorcycle riders before, you might want to call your local Harley dealership and ask who they might recommend.

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Accident Claims Helpline – Motorcycle accidents

According to statistics motorcycles account for almost 18% of all road accidents in the UK. Approximately 60% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with other cars, often because other road users fail to see them during overtaking manoeuvres or at road junctions. Alcohol and drugs can contribute to road accidents involving motorcycles, alongside pot holes in the road, oil spills, mechanical error, loss of control and the inexperience of the driver.


Accidents involving motorcycles can obviously cause serious injury, mainly because the rider will be either thrown from their motorcycle, leaving them vulnerable on the road, or crushed by their motorcycle – some of which can weigh up to 350kg. Broken bones, burns and spinal damage are just a few examples of the serious injuries that can be caused by accidents involving motorcycles.


To reduce your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident, avoid overtaking on corners, keep to the legal speed limit, leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, signal before making left or right hand turns and keep your bike in a safe condition by regular servicing.

Also, you can get motorcycle driving lessons before riding to increase your driving skills and decrease the chances of having a serious accident. Always wear a helmet and protective clothing (preferably clothing made of abrasion-resistant material, such as leather). Turn your lights on while driving and wear reflective garments to increase your visibility.


The most common types of motorcycle accidents include unsafe lane changes, Drunk driving accidents, Left turn collisions, Head-on collisions, Rear-end collisions, Multi-vehicle accidents, Single-vehicle accidents, Broadside collisions, Accidents from defective motorcycle or auto parts, Accidents involving drivers who are speeding or racing, Motorcycle-truck accidents, Red light and intersection accidents, Parking lot accidents.


If you have been injured in a Motorbike accident and it was not your fault, you are eligible to claim compensation. Accident Claims Helpline can help make your claim as easy and simple as possible.





Annabelle Rosario – Tulloch

Question by TygerLily: Last year my b/f had a BAD motorcycle accident,I supported us for four months. Can I claim him on my taxes?
Should I? We share a home, I own it. His name is not on it. The house is in SC. Does that make a difference? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by zyberianwarrior
NO unless you have been living together for 7 years then in SC you are considered common law married.

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