Pretty Little liar spoilers?

Question by Who knows: Pretty Little liar spoilers?
Right now the most recent episode of PLL is when Toby apparently dies. I don’t think it’s true but I want spoilers of like who is in the red coat who’s actual body was faked as Toby’s. what happened to Wilden and Jason? Anything! I really really want to know so please answer

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Answer by Liz
Okay so I agree with you about Toby, I don’t think he’s actually dead either. But the ‘Red Coat’ person, who it is hasn’t been told yet. There are comments that it is Cece, Alison, and someone even said “Aria” might be Red Coat, which I don’t see how Aria could be. Anyways, Wilden was hit by Hanna’s Mom and Hanna’s mom “thinks” that he is dead, but nobody knows for sure because PLL hasn’t mentioned anything about him. So we probably won’t find out about Wilden until the next episode. Jason, honestly I have no clue. He got into an elevator accident and then left the hospital, and I don’t know what happened to him after that. And who’s body was faked to be ‘Toby’ I’m not 100% sure, but here’s a few theories on who’s body it might actually be and ideas on who A could be, and why it actually MIGHT be Toby. Also, it is said that even Melissa may be A!

Theory #1: In S1 E22 For Whom The Bell Tolls, the scene where Ian is trying to kill Spencer and the A team member comes and saves her, you’ll notice that Ian obviously knows this person.
Instead of asking “who are you?” or something of that nature, he asks “what are you doing here?”

Ian and Melissa knew each other, and Melissa is Spencer’s sister. so when Ian tried to kill Spencer, could it be possible that Melissa was the “A” who saved Spencer?!

Theory #2: Paige could have been the ‘dead body’ in the woods!
Why? Remember in the one episode when it was said that Paige couldn’t swim because she got into a “bike accident” Well it was never stated that it was just a ‘bicycle’ accident. And we know that she rides a motorcycle from the one episode, so what if the body is Paige? Hence the motorcycle helmet? And Mona could have just recreated the tattoo on Paige’s body to make Spencer think it was truly Toby? The A team could have thought that Caleb and Paige might actually figure them out, so maybe that is why they wanted Paige dead? And on the orchid thing that Spencer received, the only letters that weren’t highlighted/shining were E and M, and Spencer thought A was going to hurt EMILY? Well maybe they weren’t actually talking about Emily, they meant that they were going to hurt someone CLOSE to Em! Therefore, Paige!

Theory #3: The A team knew that if Spencer thought Toby was dead, she would go nuts and be put in Radley. Maybe this was their plan? Maybe Toby pretended to be dead just to trick Spencer? Remember when Mona was on the phone and said “I’m on my way” well maybe she was talking to Toby, so that’s how Toby knew when to play dead.

Lots of theories on this site!
Check it out if you’d like 🙂

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Plavix Study $3000?

by State Library of Queensland, Australia

Question by Jeffrey: Plavix Study 00?
For $ 3000 would you participate in a study for 4 days and 8 check up visits…involving the drug Plavix? I ask because I may do it…but having serious second thoughts. After calling this research company to try to possibley switch to other studies that may be less risky they said I cannot switch to another study….and all I have done is a phone interview basicly and set up physical exam for tommorow. I need/want money, what do u think…should I do it?

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Answer by Rockford
There is a poster in my doctor’s office that shows a motorcycle accident and under it says something like “Not monitoring patients on Plavix causes more deaths per year than motorcycle accidents”

Plavix is a great drug and I would take it if I had a heart problem. It saved my friends life, but I don’t think I would ever chance it if I was healthy. And I ride a motorcycle, lol

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Have you ever prank called 911?

Question by Alyssa: Have you ever prank called 911?

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Answer by Y!A User

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Q&A: Duane Hansen.?

Question by aussiesdoitbest: Duane Hansen.?
Does anyone know any interesting informtion about the wax artist duane hansen? I have to write a research paper on him.

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Answer by RustSKIPper
Hey Aussie,

Sculpture of people dressed and sitting in chairs, they look like pictures of live people. “Tourists” cracks me up. One of his most famous works is the sculpture “Motorcycle Accident” (1967).

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