On behalf of members: the implementation of food additives should be “harmful presumption”

From Sudan to melamine, one after another of food safety problems in recent years, become the people’s mind the pain, is this the “two sessions” on behalf of the members of the hot topics. CPPCC Mao Yulin propose a “special national food safety emergency plan popular science”, as the newly adopted “Food Safety Law,” “complementary.”

HC food industry network From Sudan to melamine, food safety problems in recent years, one after another, into the hearts of the people, is where this ” Two “On behalf of the members of the hot topics.

2 28, the National People’s Congress overwhelmingly approved “Food Safety Law”, reflects the country’s determination to control food safety problems. Delegates have said that food security is directly related to the health of the people, to prevent food safety incidents, to eliminate concerns people, not only to improve laws and regulations, but also a scientific monitoring system, and take preventive measures.

Additive should have a “tolerance limit”

“‘Food is’ popular saying goes, two thousand years, and must have a new interpretation.” Jian-Nong Ye said the CPPCC National Committee members, the last sentence refers to the food to eat, go hungry, but Now this statement is simply more to eat health, safety, food safety concerns because of people’s lives.

Jian-Nong Ye member told reporters that Sudan, clenbuterol and melamine, the Chinese are afraid to name, in fact artificial compounds, the initial production was almost not used for “food”, but some businesses in order to pursue the interests of free added, “mercenary”, the negative effect is “taking one’s life.”

“Not in the list of additives in state regulations, should not be added to food in!” Jian-Nong Ye members said that to facilitate the preservation, transportation and other factors, some foods need to add the necessary additives, the state also tied these additives were tested the security list.

But now there are 10 thousand species of the world of artificial compounds, and more than 2,000 species of annual increase rate of new compounds, and such Chemical industry Product testing side effects of high cost, almost impossible to complete the enterprise itself, particularly its chronic effects, must be determined a long time to detect. Therefore, as long as there is no rigorous testing of additives should not be added to food, on the Food Additives Must embrace a “harmful presumption” attitude: “After all, people are flesh and blood, life can not be ignored. There are about one-third of cancers are cancer-causing factors, ’cause’ of.”

CPPCC Zheng Zukang said that the current food safety standards in China is not complete, despite the current health standards by law established the Ministry of Health 441, Japan in 2006, pesticide and veterinary drug residue only on the positive list of the more than 790 kinds of restrictions on drug residue proposed limits for more than 50,000. China should also be clear as soon as possible the limited standards of all food additives and maximum tolerance of non-food substances.

Regulation should be “a line” to form the chain

Connection off “simply do not know Which to buy something good!” Yellow aunt recently went to the vegetable market outside the purchase of live chickens, he was told the chicken traders from Jiangsudongtai, eastern Taiwan have occurred some time ago, “Newcastle Disease . ” Huang aunt had bought a number of high-priced “soil Eggs “, But found a” fake egg. “Current traditional pattern of agricultural production, more than 200 million farmers to provide meat, eggs scattered, difficult to guarantee food safety.

“Food safety supervision involving multi-sectoral, multi-link, multi-dimensional. Bull management, lack of Unity Coordination, unclear responsibilities, it is vulnerable to regulatory and enforcement gaps. “National People’s Congress Ni Yongpei so that at present China’s food safety management from the field to the desktop, to” sub management “, involving many departments, once the co-ordination problems, will result in cross overlap in some places a” gap. ” Zheng Zukang CPPCC proposals to reform food safety regulation, “sub management” to “line management”, by the relevant departments responsible for coordinating between various departments involved in food safety supervision.

Some delegates also noted that, in the operation and management of agricultural enterprises as agriculture and industry to form a chain, take the “linear management” line in order to prevent food safety accidents.

CPPCC member Liu Yonghao said that the current food industry has two modes: one is market-oriented, a large amount of money used for Advertisement To advertise, processing, this quick, but the problem of raw materials supply system will have security implications.

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