Motorcycle Paintwork

by State Library of Queensland, Australia

Are you looking for a reputable business that can provide you with motorcycle paintwork to touch up your bike? If so then you need only consider one name, RPM Motorcycles.

Here at RPM Motorcycles we have over twenty five years’ experience in the motorcycle restoration business. Our expertise, knowledge and passion for motorcycles drive’s the business forward. We’re confident that you simply won’t find a business that matches our ability to provide superior restoration and motorcycle paintwork.

Whether you own a sixties classic, or a modern power monster, we can provide you with motorcycle paintwork and motorcycle restoration that is sure to have your motorcycle with the same shine that it did on the very day that you drove out of the showroom.

Our complete services do not start and end with motorcycle paintwork though. Here at RPM Cycles we can fully restore you motorbike to its former glory. If you’ve been involved in an accident and your motorbike requires extensive repairs then fear not, here at RPM Cycles our dedicated and experienced team of technicians will carry our extensive work that is sure to get you back in the road in no time at all.

The restoration services that we offer are as comprehensive as our motorcycle paintwork is. RPM Cycles can perform a full restoration of every single nut and bolt of your motorbike. We will power coat, polish or plate the metalwork, rebuild the engines or gearboxes, replace the bearings as well as provide a complete rejuvenation of the motorcycle paintwork.

In fact the only decision that you need to make is not whether you should entrust us with your beloved motorbike but, the limit that you are prepared to go to have your motorcycle looking as pristine as the first day it left the garage.

For a look at the complete range of motorcycle paintwork or restoration services that we’re able to offer you, or to contact us with any requirements that you may have then come and visit our website at:

At our motorcycle paintwork is of a superlative calibre as we always ensure that your bike looks as attractive as possible. Our motorcycle restoration services are considered highly desirable!

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