I really don’t understand the “justice” system it doesn’t seem very just….?

Question by micki: I really don’t understand the “justice” system it doesn’t seem very just….?
can someone please explain this to me. How can a man who was caught driving drunk for the second time and crashed his motorcycle into a cop car and then proceeded to try and beat up the cop. He got 1 year in county jail. The second guy broke into a house stole an x-box and an i-pod (first offense) unarmed and got 3 years in PRISON. Where is the justice in that? These two people live in the same state as well.

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Answer by Citicop
2nd offense DWI and simple assault are lower crimes (misdemeanors).

Breaking into a person’s home and violating their space is more serious (a felony).

If the DWI crash had injured someone, it might be different, but courts consider DWI to have a lower mental state required (you could do it “by accident”) where you have to PLAN to break into a person’s house and steal things.

I have no problem with either sentence.

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One thought on “I really don’t understand the “justice” system it doesn’t seem very just….?”

  1. A valid point. This semester in college my Psych. professor (who worked Military Forensic Psychology with an M.D. for most of her career, long before there was a term called “FORENSICS”) says outside of the military, the system is more a “LEGAL” system than a “JUSTICE” system. She worked strictly with violent offenders such as murders, child molestors. and rapists. And she says there is no true Justice, sadly. She says family’s will say they have found closure when a criminal is executed but the truth is they have not, because the pain and the hurt and the loss will ALWAYS be there, when that loved one is not around. SO no amount of “justice” will balance the scales. Which is the honest truth. We all say we’re glad when someone gets punished but it’s not really closure, it’s not a real relief, and the person is often not rehabilitated by jail time.

    Where I live, we had 2 Public-school teachers, one was “too pretty” for jail after having sex with her middle-school pupil. The other also didn’t go to jail after being involved in a hitting 4 children (2 of which died), and she also didn’t get jail time. Just house arrest and probation.

    This is legal system. THey are not God and cannot read hearts, so ultimately there is no justice.

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