I am Mentally and Physically Disabled how do I make money?

Question by trc_biz: I am Mentally and Physically Disabled how do I make money?
I have a rare back condition and cant stand on my feet for even a few hours without my back going out i have had jobs in the past and wasn’t able to stay employed because of this condition.
I have tried to get a better education but I just can’t seem to grasp certain things so I guess I am mentally Disabled to.
What can I do to make enough money to live on?

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Answer by froglady
Apply for Social Security Disability.

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4 thoughts on “I am Mentally and Physically Disabled how do I make money?”

  1. Use the internet for money (like those complete surveys for money) and make sure you use a laptop so that you don’t waste too much on the electricity bill.

  2. I would probably suggest you ring an employment service that can help you find that job you are after You would be surprised how many offers you will get.
    Ebay is also a good place to make money, especially on clothes. buy and resell etc.
    If you arnt getting welfare maybe follow that up too, just incase you are entitled to it.
    Hope everything works out for you.

  3. I have a friend who is on SSDI since about age 18, due to a motorcycle accident.
    “Lenny” makes more money than I do, lately, cuz I’m just an unemployed American in a too small pool of job seekers, trying hard to not drown my fellow seekers, and to carry them to shore when need be.
    ( I’ve been volunteer Fire Fighter, and have always done what I felt was right when confronted with people worse off than I was….

    the story I want to tell you about “Lenny” is that he goes to liquor stores and small businesses in our admittedly small town, and he asks if he can sweep their sidewalk, or clear it of snow, and he does that.

    I don’t know where you are, and i don’t know if you are humble enough to do what “Lenny” does. But I do know that the worst thing for a “Bad Back” is absolute inactivity.

    And I also know that Lenny is well liked and well respected.
    He is my potential model for what I may have to do if the economy continues “tanking’ while we give the banks and businesses money for having created their own problems through rampant greed and irresponsibility.

    Lenny is my hero. And I’m going to give him an car. And I’ve given him a “power-shovel” that I bought at the Methodist Thrift Store.

    Because our economy does not need more Bernie Madoff’s.
    Or more wars abroad.
    It needs more Lenny’s. And I will never give up until I see it support me, and Lenny.
    You are probably not mentally disabled. You may be ethical, or poor.

    My Mom was totally honest to “AFDC” ( aka Welfare, TANF) whatever—hence, no efforts on our own behalf were rewarded.

    Get SSDI if you can. Bear in mind that the entire SSDI bureaucracy is dedicated to denying claims., and that you will face a greater burden these days , as more people are applying due to the 25 % (realistic) unemployment int he USA at present.

    If you can, seen legal assistance. As vampires, the legal branch which caters to SSDI claims is a reasonable good “sorter” of how likely your claim is to succeed. They are like ambulance chasers in general in some ways. But, their payout comes due to the gap between application time and final determination or the claim.
    In a sense these are “spec” lawyers. However, the smaller amounts involved make them somewhat more predatory. Most initial visits will be free, as this is the only way the vampire gets a taste. If you have a difficult case (mental health issues, or soft tissue, etc.) It may be worth losing the 50% that will go to the lawyer.
    Much as you would with a home roofing job—it is well to see several possible suppliers. Let each and every lawyer know that you are seeing other lawyers. “Shopping” the case is good business.

    Alternatively, as you seem logical, seek to educate yourself as to the law and fight your own case. Some (not all) Judges are sympathetic to “Pro Se) representing themselves) plaintiffs.

    the USA economy is like a dying rabid dog.
    working casually for neighbors and Friends may be your best bet. I hope to see you go to school part time while doing that. contact a local womens center or Small Business Administration for help in setting up your business if you are able.
    If not, remember—-cash is cash.
    By the way , you are not mentally diasbled, you may have a math block or whatever. Look into a local literacy agency or community college. I can tell by your post that you are fine.
    Get testing as to your learning styles and best skills. Your local
    College is your best bet, show up in person and then be stubborn about getting the help you need. Please send an update.

  4. You haven’t said anything that makes you unemployable. It may be hard to find the right fit, but it sound like you need help figuring out what kind of work you can do. Each state has a department of vocational rehabilitation for exactly that purpose. They can assess your job skills and offer you training and.or support to et you off to work. If they find you truly unemployable – than you can apply for SSI.

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