Has anyone else seen this (details)?

by State Library of Queensland, Australia

Question by YNNUFKLAWI: Has anyone else seen this (details)?

This story breaks my heart. Poor kid was just having fun at the park 🙁

And to make this an R&S question: Have you noticed that I’m NOT asking anyone to pray for his family, or send positive energy, or keep keep them in your thoughts? *cough cough*
You people are brutal. He was just a kid.
Teletubbies: I am not attacking Christianity. I have no idea how reached that conclusion.
Oops. how *you* reached….
Semper Fi: Did you not see the *cough cough*???

Do you not understand sarcasm?
Thank you, Cricket! It’s nice to see that some people actually bother to get it instead of attaking me.
(((sherl, Kychick and ELJ)))

Best answer:

Answer by Nurdballer
What a dumb ass kid……

I’m sorry….but when i read the first sentence i laughed.

And his parents want to sue the park????

For what…their child breaking the rules. Areas are restricted for a reason.

What do you think? Answer below!

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14 thoughts on “Has anyone else seen this (details)?”

  1. It is very sad but it comes down to choices as always. A twenty dollar hat or your head? It’s best to follow the rules that are meant to protect.

  2. It is so sad. A similar event was witnessed by my mother’s younger brother, who was with friends at a park and riding the merry-go-round. One of his friends over-reached trying to grab the brass ring and was killed. It took my uncle 20 years to stop having nightmares about it.

    During this time of grief, I am not going to comment on the kid’s actions, because a tragedy is always a tragedy. I do wonder what the supervising adults were up to.

    SEMPER FI: A tragedy is not blasphemy. I think of how it could have been my own kid or yours, equally tragic.

  3. I did have a suspicion but it was only confirmed by the end.
    The story is very sad indeed.
    It reminds me that none of us know our next breath.

  4. Yes.

    The kid was dumb enough to climb several fences even when there were signs telling him not to. He was 17, so he was old enough to know better. I feel sorry for the family, but not for the kid.

  5. The teenager who died was there as part of a church group. I find this incredibly ironic because A) He broke the rules, sneaking into two different areas specifically marked “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”, so he obviously hadn’t learned respect for rules as part of the church, and B) the action that caused him to die makes him eligible for the Darwin Award.

  6. I think it’s ridiculous his parents are suing the park. He hopped two fences to deliberately enter a restricted area. Are amusement parks supposed to have armed guards to prevent this?

  7. As sad as this event is for the kid’s family, he’s a prime Darwin Award recipient. He entered an area that was clearly marked as dangerous, and climbed fences to do it, in an effort to retrieve *** a hat ***.

    What a tragic reason to die. My heart goes out to all his relatives, and to the innocent bystanders at the park who had to witness a gruesome and bloody incident.

  8. restricted area for a reason. should have just bought a new hat. But I guess with no head he wont be needing that hat now. I will pray for their family. Being his fault doesnt make it easier for them to deal with. And I will keep them in my thoughts for at least the next 30 seconds.

  9. He went into a restricted area to retrieve a lost hat……..He scaled 2 fences and ignored the warning signs………… this is exactly why adults still treat teens like they are children….because they are! When you do stupid things you pay the price.
    If her really wanted his stupid hat back he should have gone to the park manager and asked if they would get his hat for him……..that is what an adult would have done.

  10. Oh, how awful! For the kids who were there, for the kid himself, and his poor family. 🙁

    Though you’re NOT asking anyone to pray for his family, send positive energy, or keep them in our thoughts, you darn well know that most everyone here will do at least one of those, lol.

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