do you ride a motorbike or drive it?

Question by saby: do you ride a motorbike or drive it?
do you say ‘drive’ or ‘ride’ referring to the person sitting on the front of the motorbike, as in -“please drive/ride your motorbike carefully when you give me a ride, i’m scared of accidents”

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Clips from July 28, 2012 of Johnson Ngo, a rider who died in a motorcycle accident on ACH a few days later. Rest in Peace Brother Whatch this video tribute to Johnson I nitial News Report on crash
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22 thoughts on “do you ride a motorbike or drive it?”

  1. You OPERATE them both, Ride a Bike and Drive a Car, I guess the Steering wheel makes all the difference, a Horse has no steering Wheel for example

  2. hesitancy and not being present in the moment is what kills riders.. and pushing when their gut tells them not to. always be safe in strange weather.

  3. Squids are always outside of their skill set; there’s no testing, only stupidity. This is why you see an unlimited amount of videos and stories of the squids. They’re simply dumb ass people who’re in this for the cool factor. Seeing a video like this wouldn’t faze them since they’re “the best”.

  4. Enjoy life, but ride within the limits. Don’t get complacent and fool yourself into thinking you have margin for error when there is none.

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