Detailed Information about Leg Fractures Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle accident strikes, chances are the involved rider is likely to sustain serious injuries. Accidents involving motorcycles are becoming unfortunately common in many parts of the United States, especially in Los Angeles area.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006, at least 4,493 people were killed due to motorcycle accidents in the country. NHTSA has found out that for every mile traveled by a motorcycle rider, there is a 37 percent chance that he will get involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accidents and Leg Fractures

One of the most typical types of injury a motorcycle accident victim may sustain is leg fracture. This accident injury is a medical condition that involves discontinuity of a person’s fibula, tibia, or both. Commonly, leg fractures occur due to forceful impact or stress to a person’s leg.

Motorcyclists are prone to this injury, because unlike other forms of transportations, motorcycles do not provide ample amount of protection to its rider.

Symptoms of Leg Fractures

If you got involved in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles and you are not certain if you have sustained leg fractures, you may need to learn the symptoms of such injury. Common symptoms of a fractured leg include:

•  Extensive leg pain
•  Swelling of the affected leg
•  Bruising over the injured leg
•  Leg deformity
•  Immobility

Common Types of Leg Fracture

Leg fracture is a generic term used to describe any medical condition pertaining to a broken leg bone. In relation to this, leg fractures have five common types, including:

•  Open fracture – the broken bone passes through the skin
•  Closed – the broken bone cannot be seen visibly
•  Complete – the bone is cut into half
•  Incomplete – the bone is cracked
•  Comminuted – the affected bone is broken into several pieces

Legal Remedy for Leg Fracture due to Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident

Having a fractured leg treated and rehabilitated often result into costly medical bills. Commonly, the victim may need to undergo series of physical therapy in order for him to recover from his injury, and such treatment is costly. Victims should not worry about their bills because under California personal injury law, motorcycle accident victims have the right to receive compensations from the liable party involved.

Los Angeles attorneys should be sought when demanding for compensations in order to recover the payments as immediate as possible. In addition, Los Angeles attorneys can help motorcycle accident victims in negotiating with the insurance company of the liable party.

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