Could you describe any religious experiences you’ve had? (no sex jokes, ya pervs!)?

Question by Citizen Of The Cosmos: Could you describe any religious experiences you’ve had? (no sex jokes, ya pervs!)?
I’m particularly interested in any that were key in convincing you that your deities and or savior figures were real and/or loved you. Where were you, who were you with, what were you doing, what did you think about before, during, and after the experience, and how did it feel?

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Answer by TR
I’ve had a number of genuine peak experiences, which Abraham Maslow considered the core experience that inspired all religions. It did nothing to convince me that any particular religion needs to be followed.

I’d go into detail but it’s rather lengthy.

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3 thoughts on “Could you describe any religious experiences you’ve had? (no sex jokes, ya pervs!)?”

  1. I’ve had an actual life-saving experience in 1982 when I was an innocent bystander and was near-fatally injured…I actually was hospitalized a few days shy of 1 month…..Had it not been for the Angelic presence to buffer the gunshot, I would have died….Even during the surgery, my pressure dropped extremely low….all I can testify and say is during the whole ordeal….”BUT GOD(Yahweh)!!!!!”

  2. I suffered for a while with something I call day-mares. I would just be pondering or thinking about day to day things and horrible thoughts would pervade my mind. Thoughts that would scare me in a very similar manor that nightmares scare others, but they’d happen while I was awake. Sometimes they would keep me awake at night, or just make me tremble and avoid day dreaming in the day time. Finally one night when the thoughts kept me from sinking into sleep I prayed for the Lord to remove the thoughts and hold my hand until I could fall peacefully asleep. I did not feel an actual hand (that woulda really been a freakout), but I did feel greater weight and pressure in my hand that made me feel comforted. The thoughts ceased, peace descended and I feel fast asleep. It was an immediate answer to prayer and an affirmation of my faith. “Peace, be still,” was all I needed and the storm was calmed. These thoughts occurred over a period of about 5 years, and while they continued a short while after this point, with some prayer and determination they have ceased to come at all except on the extreme rare occasion. Now I am able to push them out and concentrate on Gd and his goodness to help ease the anxiety.
    It wasn’t somthing I needed healed of like a sickness, but rather I needed protection from it as they seemed to attack my consciousness.

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