could my FWB have felt bad or jus weird i did this?

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Question by twilightsun: could my FWB have felt bad or jus weird i did this?
my friend with benefit of 2 years is a great guy. let me give a pseudo to him, he is Kyle.
we had our plans last weekend and i was at his place. my mom called to inform me that my bro rode his motorcycle in a barbed fence and it was dark. he is fine now, just cuts n bruises. but about that evening, i ried like a weirdo near kyle n told him i have to run. n he asked me wots wrong n i said, “no, just let me go. my bro met with an accident”….
kyle voluntarily drove me to the hospital..

is it normal to cry like that for ur brother? kyle was with me all night n i told mom i jus made him pick me up n help…
i have a feeling kyle has started to like me beyond this relation. i dont know it myself. he made sure i was alright n spent the next night over at my place. so what’s up with him? kindly help. i dont want him to fall for me. i mean, i am afraid of commitment. please help thank u!
forgot the main thing, when he made coffee the next morning for me, he gave me a kiss like couples do..and i told him i wasn’t in the mood…he looked blankly and said “i didnt ask for it, just wanted a kiss”…i was confused what he meant by that…i mean, FWBs dont just kiss n leave it to that as such.. its more like being in a wasn’t just a peck, but quite along…did i hurt him by doing this or something?

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Answer by King Cool
He’s just being a nice guy. Of course he cares about you, but not necessarily in that way.

EDIT: Ok the kiss part definitely sounds like more… If you don’t want to get attached to him, just tell him how you feel and that maybe you shouldn’t see him anymore.

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