Avoiding Automobile Accidents

The other day when I was on my way back to my apartment complex from running an errand, my boyfriend (who had just arrived at the apartment complex minutes before) called to warn me that there had been a major accident right in front of the main entrance to our apartment complex. Therefore, he advised me to take an alternate route to gain access to the apartment  complex. Sure enough, when I arrived at our apartments, I could see the flashing lights of several different police cars and traffic that had backed up- some of which was being re-routed elsewhere. I quickly made my turn and avoided the entire thing. Later on that night, when we left our apartment to go out to dinner, I could see the remnants of the clean up that had been performed by the local fire department. There was sand over oil and fluid spills and a few pieces of broken glass. I only hoped that those who had been involved in the car accident were ok.
Two days ago, I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection in the area that I live.

I saw that the light had turned red for the people who were  traveling across the lane in front of me. When the light turned yellow and then red, a car packed full with what looked like family members slowed down for the red light and came to a complete stop. Not even two seconds later, a minivan carrying several people screeched to a stop, but not before hitting the car in front of it. It was clear that one of two things had happened. Either the person driving the minivan thought that the car in front of them was going to try to run the light, OR, the person driving the minivan was simply not paying attention. Based on what I was able to witness, I am willing to bet that it was a little bit of both.
One way to avoid car accidents is to leave yourself enough room between the vehicle in front of you. Why is this? Well, let’s say that you are stopped at an intersection and your front bumper is practically touching the bumper of the car in front of you. Now, let’s say that you notice a car approaching you from behind that is speeding. You can tell that they are not going to have enough time or space to slow down, and you anticipate that they will hit your car if you do nothing but sit there. Now, if you had given yourself enough room between you and the car in front of you, you would be able to move your car out the way or perform an evasive movement so that  you don’t get struck. However, what do most people do? They tailgate the person in front of them like crazy whether they are in a stopped position or moving. Do you think that this is the smart thing to do?

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Institute researchers compared the fatal crash experience of antilock-equipped motorcycles against their nonantilock counterparts during 2003-08. The main finding is that motorcycles with antilocks versus without are 37 percent less likely to be in fatal crashes per 10000 registered vehicle years. Bolstering this finding is a separate analysis by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), an affiliate of the Insurance Institute. HLDI analyzed insurance claims filed for crash damage to motorcycles. Bike models with antilocks have 22 percent fewer claims for crash damage per insured vehicle year (a vehicle year is 1 vehicle insured for 1 year, 2 insured for 6 months, etc.) than the same models without antilocks. The results update earlier studies by the Institute and HLDI published in 2008. In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it was looking at the issue in light of the Institutes earlier study but stated that an additional year of data and additional analyses are needed to determine the statistical significance of the results. www.ultimatemotorcycling.com
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18 thoughts on “Avoiding Automobile Accidents”

  1. I disagree, If you want, Ill shoot a video of my buddy on his 08 CBR 1000rr vs me on my ninja 1000 ABS doing a 60-0 Stopping test and post it as a reply.

  2. I’ve never had any problems with it. That said, I went out and learned how to ride properly before buying an 1100CC monster with piss poor steering and little to no traction on the front tire. Also, ABS doesn’t work well on dry surfaces. You increase stopping distance on the dry.

  3. I promise you very few humans can achieve that at all, much less in a panic situation, and not at all on a wet, or slippery surface. ABS Does work well on all surfaces, humans dont

  4. Now you are either trolling or fucking retarded. I now have my new ABS Ninja 1000, and its fucking phenomenal how quick and smoothly this bike stops. Id be willing to bet my new bike that you, or even a pro rider, couldn’t stop a non ABS Ninja 1000 faster than I can stop this bike.

    If u dont want ABS, dont buy it, and If it were a track only bike, I wouldnt care for it either, but out on the roads here, with all of the crazy shit just trying to kill you every day…. Ill take it

  5. No one should ever attempt a stoppie (unless he is a professional stunt rider) on the street. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the videos on youtube showing guys going over the handlebars and/or crashing doing stoppies.

  6. It most certainly is. Watch any motorcycle during race conditions. The rear tire will be bobbling on the surface, barely touching. Most racers don’t even use the rear brake at all. Having the rear swing out isn’t a bad thing if you plan to turn. You can step the rear tire out in the desired directly and use the sudden change in momentum caused by setting the rear tire back down to help get the back over into the corner. It’s also handy if you break a bit late as you can spin the tire up.

  7. or you could learn to control it properly in the first place. Idiot.

    The real problem here is, people that need abs will crash just as often, maybe more so. They expect the bike to protect them. doesn’t work, more useless bullshit.

  8. Sorry, I beg to differ. Maximum braking effect will not be achieved if the rear wheet is off the ground, i.e. a stoppie. A bike with both brakes used just short of lock-up will stop faster than the same bike doing a stoppie. Also, if the rear wheel is off the ground, the rear of bike may tend to swing out to either side. This tendency is known as yaw, or rotation, and can result in a crash.

  9. Well, ABS has to work on wet pavement as well as dry pavement. That means it must calibrate the stopping effort down. The other problem with ABS is must prevent the reat tire from leaving the pavement to be controlled properly by the computer. But on a performance motorcycle, maximum breaking effort is achieved with the rear tire about 1″ off the ground, all the weight on the front wheel, with the front wheel only spinning at about 98% of road speed. ABS can never allow that

  10. Well, just so you know in Nevada they just allowed special license plates to cars that do drive themselves. If you play any sport i.e skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding and have fallen with your helmet on you are glad it was there. Same with ABS breaks. You might only need them once but you will be glad they are there. I am for anything that keeps me safe from the idiots on the road that don’t see bikers.

  11. That is the most ridiculous statement I have every heard. Guys who buy ABS are more safety conscious than other riders. That statement borders on stupidity.

  12. Since politicians r responsible for passing this into law is anyone looking to see if they’re buying stock in the companies that will manufacture the ABS units?

    All ABS equates to is something doing the work for you since you’re too lazy & can’t be bothered with learning.

    Now following the curve, how long till our cars drive themselves? You can already work from home so why don’t you ppl that can’t be bothered by learning to drive/ride just stay home & leave the road to us that know how?

  13. I just totaled a bike(No abs) last weekend due to a brake lock up on a down hill right hander. 3 Dogs ran across the street, and I panic braked, resulting in the rear locking up. Now on a straight stretch of road, thats fine, but my problem was I was headed right for the apex when I stood the bike up to brake. I went right off the road, front tire dug into the loose dirt and high sided me sending me rolling and the bike flipping end over end several times.

    Im getting ABS next time

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