Antique Motorcycle Insurance

Antique motorcycle insurance is must for all vintage and old motorcycles whether they are being kept as collectives or they are being driven around. Since antique motorcycles are very precious to their owners, they should make sure that they get enough insurance so that they can be protected against any type of damage or theft. People all around the world loves to see these vintage motorcycles and sometimes there are special shows and parades where these vintage motorcycles are shown off.

While choosing an insurance company for your motorcycle, you need to make sure that you have insurance from a company which is reputed and specializes in antique motorcycle insurance. You may get it from a normal company but they may treat your special motorcycle as a normal one and may not be able to value the bike in a proper way. Agreed value of the motorcycle is one of the important features of motorcycle insurance.

Other things which are covered in an insurance policy are mileage on the bike, spare parts coverage and they even increase the value of the motorcycle after every year since it is a vintage motorcycle.

But all motorcycles do not qualify for antique motorcycle insurance. There are certain criteria which make a motorcycle and its owner eligible for this kind of insurance. These include the age of motorcycle and driving history for the owner. The motorcycle should not be used in any kind of racing and it should be kept in covered and locked garage. The motorcycle should not be used for commuting purpose.

There are various companies which provide antique motorcycle insurance coverage. You can search them over the internet to get the premium amount quotations as well as terms of the policy.

You can compare different companies before finalizing the suitable insurance policy for your motorcycle.

The author writes articles on various types of insurance policies including antique motorcycle insurance policies and motorcycle courier insurance policies.

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