Am I Indestructible or Lucky?

Question by Joshua Smith: Am I Indestructible or Lucky?
There have been times where I should have been seriously injured or dead, does this mean I am in fact indestructible? I have had my foot run over by a 2 ton vehicle and didn’t even break it, doctors were puzzled as well. Then recently I was riding my motorcycle and I got hit by a car that had to be going a good 45mph, and it did nothing, not a scratch, bruise or anything, no one believed that I had been hit, but the other driver still reported it as an accident so there was proof. Now I go walking around not afraid of anything because I can’t be stopped, is that good or bad?

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Answer by GOiNGbANANAZ
lucky?? lol dont go doing crazy things thinking you immortal or something jk 🙂 lol

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5 thoughts on “Am I Indestructible or Lucky?”

  1. I doubt you are indestructable,

    and since you keep having “near-death”

    accidents, “lucky” is not an adjective i’d

    use either. Why don’t you just count your

    blessings and slow down.

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