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Jiefangbei a heat island effect, the average temperature than the surrounding region of about 2 . What technology can do Jiefangbei regional cooling? River from Chongqing Water Source Heat Pump Energy Technology learned that the company developed new Energy Project?? “Integration Heat Pump Integrated System “to complete the task for the Jiefangbei cool. Mayor’s instructions to study the feasibility

According to the company’s total Project Master Liu Qi said the “integration of heat pump system” is the use of sewage heat conversion to replace the cooling towers and boilers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of dust and other new technology which not only power, but also Environmental protection , Can be like “water conditioning” the heat island effect as to ease the current Jiefangbei. December 2008, they completed the company’s energy saving technology, then wrote a letter to Mayor Wang Hongju, the authors recommend using.

2008 12 23, Mayor Wang Hongju instructions, please Municipal Development and Reform Commission, led organizations and other relevant departments of city CAST new energy?? “Water conditioning” is feasible.

“Water conditioning” in November is expected to start building

Day before yesterday, “Integrated heat pump system” through the City Associations feasibility of experts and other departments. “The whole system is expected to begin construction in November.” Liu Qi told reporters, currently lead the implementation of the project by the municipal Development and Reform Commission to draw up City Energy Group investments, funding the 100 million yuan, construction period one to two years.

“Project is located in Yuzhong District’s two sewage pumping stations close.” Liu Qi said the pumping station is located in Yuzhong District Hung received cliff cave and exit, is mainly responsible for conveying sewage to Jiguanshi and Tangjiatuo two sewage treatment plants.

Two sewage pumping stations received water temperature, water stable, suitable for water source heat pump system, you can set up two “water conditioning” Energy Station.

Liu Qi introduction, the two energy points, through the interception of water, to extract the heat to produce air-conditioning, heating and hot water. Then through the underground pipe network, delivered to Jiefangbei each building ventilation system. 2 “water conditioning” the daily energy produced nearly 3 million square meters to meet the demand of users building to replace 70% of the building Jiefangbei regional cooling towers and fuel, gas boiler.

Can filter out the harmful substances in wastewater

Liu Qi also introduced the technology only to extract the energy in wastewater, using complete, water will be piped to the sewage treatment plant, treatment and disposal. The technology to extract energy at the same time, the sewage can also filter out harmful substances.

Development of the energy saving projects of enterprises operating profit come from? In response, Liu Qi, said the system is completed, major shopping centers will Jiefangbei CBD shopping district, Hotels And office buildings to provide energy, energy efficiency will be entered into the agreement, both sides will be a certain percentage of energy costs into.

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